What is a Service Plan?

The Auto Guard SA service plan is a comprehensive package of replacement parts and labour for all motor vehicles, makes and models. These are parts that are changed at specific intervals in relation to the kilometers traveled to ensure the vehicle runs efficiently and performs at its optimum level. As a vehicle runs, the engine oil will tend to thicken, why? This is from the dirt that is captured by the oil filter as it circulates through the engine. The fuel that moves your vehicle runs through cylinders and various channels overseen by the fuel filter and this filter ensures that this fluid is as clean as possible when it reaches the engine. An Air Filter thats sits in a vacuum system removes solids like dusts from the that enters the front part of the vehicles and can even seep into the engine and cause damage. These are some of the components replaced when a vehicle goes in for a service and their purpose.

Where will my vehicle be serviced?

The Auto Guard SA service plan will ensure that these tasks and parts are professionally removed and replaced at the correct intervals by qualified workshops and mechanics at either dealer agents or RMI approved centers across the country. The “dealer agent” is manufacture of the vehicle you drive, for example: Audi, BMW and Toyota. RMI- “Retail Motor Industry” is a automotive governing body that regulates the sector and people that operate in it to be well trained and qualified to be given certification that any work and parts used are quality and carry a warranty with them. Auto Guard SA therefore offers this option too, for competitive pricing, flexibility to accommodate all regions and afford-ability.

How does it work…how does “Auto Guard SA” save me money?

Price is never fixed in the automotive industry, it fluctuates daily due to foreign exchange and other labor variables to long to mention. However, Auto Guard SA has a solution for you, we lock the price at the time a quote is generated and accepted for the duration of the service plan constructed. From as little as R199 p/m, you can secure your service plan with Auto Guard SA through a convenient payment method,  monthly debit order. Not limited to debits only, save up to 20% when you purchase the plan once-off using at Auto Guard SA , with a service plan covering you for up to 3.5 years (42 months) or the next 30 000 to 80 000 km’s, whichever comes first in the plan. Auto Guard SA has flexible claims and cancellation terms, Auto Guard SA offers a one of a kind plan in the market, inquire now and start saving!

Auto Guard SA Free Added Benefits responsive smart tailored

Wheel Alignment

1/3 free added benefits of the Auto Guard Service Plan is the Wheel alignment cover. Every client, on all plans will be covered for as many wheel alignments as the service occurrence. At each service, we believe that clients need to have their wheels aligned to ensure they know the life of their tyres as well as having that peace of mind that the wheels are correctly aligned to prolong the life of the tyres.

wheel alignment

Tyre Puncture

2/3 free added benefits of the Auto Guard Service Plan is the Tyre puncture cover. Every client, on all plans will be covered for up to four tyre punctures on their service plan. Nobody can guarantee when you will and when you wont have a tyre puncture, but with us, at least you know you are covered

tyre puncture

Vehicle Diagnostic

3/3 free added benefits of the Auto Guard Service Plan is the Vehicle Diagnostic cover. Every client, on all plans will be covered for up to the number of services on this cover. Regularly diagnosing your vehicle assist you in knowing the life of your vehicle, especially under the hood. It tells you what the naked eye doesn’t see and helps inform us on how to rectify that issue.


  • Air Filter

    Capturing all the dust and unwanted particles under the hood

  • Spark Plug

    Crucial in insuring fuel efficiency and power supply in the engine

  • Fuel Filter

    Captures all the impurities from the fuel before entering the engine block

  • Oil Filter

    Removes contaminants from engine oil that accumulates over time while driving or standing still

  • Engine Oil Drain Plug

    Screw that is replaced at every service to ensure there are no leaks underneath engine

  • Brake & Clutch Fluid

    Ensures brakes force is converted into pressure so you don’t drive through red robots

Do I need a “Warranty Plan” with my Auto Guard SA- Service Plan?

At Auto Guard SA we encourage you do get a reputable warranty plan/extender rather than investing in a maintenance Plan and heres why. A maintenance plan will cover all the items in a service plan and all other maintenance items that are wear & tear rated. However this offering is limited, where not all the items covered may be paid for in full by the service provider, leaving you the consumer having to pay excess to activate the claim. Secondly, the requirements are for not vehicles older than 5 years after production/model release or +- 120 000 kms traveled.  Now that on its own is a discouragement as genuine parts from the manufacture are designed to last you a MINIMUM of 5 years if the vehicle is used moderately as per recommendation which would be keeping to the kilometer parameters in the service book (10-15 000 kms per annum) on most or standard vehicles.

Our service plan is considered a kind of budgeting aid, by assisting you by paying the FULL COST of a motor car service – then a warranty can be considered an emergency mechanical assistant – by helping you pay for the cost of a breakdown and repair for a new and old vehicle up to 15 years/250-300 000 kms old) depending on the cover you choose.

Tyre Plan

As a vehicle owner, making use of it on a daily basis, know that there are running costs apart from fuel. If you already have a service plan with AutoGuard, great! If not, why haven’t you joined the cheapest in the market? *See enquiries tab and provide  us with your vehicle details for an accurate quote

These running costs can leave your vehicle to be regarded as non-roadworthy should these be left off for too long. TYRES have proved to be a difficult necessity to purchase at any given moment of the month, which leads to motorists settling for second hand tyres with no solid guarantee for their safety and passengers they may be traveling with.

AutoGuard prides itself in sourcing all the main tyre brands in the country and endures to do so at the best prices specifically for the featured brands. With this ability of strong sourcing we are also able to provide these on better paying terms that the basic point of sale (pos) method which may be difficult if cashflow is a problem.

How better than to know you will be receiving a brand new set of tyres on a 3 to 6 months interval.

For a free and accurate quotation, please complete your details on our enquiry form and a friendly consultant will call you back for more information.